Western Digital: Time-Limited Error Recovery

Bad sectors may appear because of the bad quality of the heads or due to small scratches on the surface of the platters. This problem is pretty up-to-date and sometimes, when you don’t have an opportunity to replace the heads or open the HDA on the Hard Drive, the only way to get the data is to be patient and reread all bad sectors one by one with different time-out settings in the Data Extractor.

But what to do if the WD disks have a lot of BAD sectors, and it is necessary to force the disk to complete the image?

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PC-3000 HDD. How to Block Writing in Service Area in Seagate F3

Modern Seagate drives are very complex, and their hardware becomes more and more sensitive. If heads have issues, they can damage some critical objects in the Service Area during the internal FW processes. It may be a reason for data recovery time increase: we must spend more time and money to find new heads and fix bad system files. Is it possible to avoid that and block the writing in the Service Area? Let’s review that in this article.

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PC-3000 SAS. How to Solve the Medium Format Corrupted Issue on Hitachi SAS Drives

Nowadays, more and more SAS drives are used for storing data and therefore become damaged due to continuous use. Some of them require spare parts, but some of them can be fixed by software methods.
In this article, you can learn how to deal with Hitachi SAS drives with the mentioned issue using the PC-3000 SAS System.

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The Alternative Way of Recovering Data from a Burnt SSD

Hello everybody!

Sometimes, when the proven solutions can’t be applied to your problem, you need to change the approach and experiment a little. Let’s discuss the alternative method of data recovery from a burnt SSD.

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PC-3000 Portable III/Express/UDMA. How to Fix a Rosewood SSHD with a Damaged NAND Chip

Hello guys!

The issue with a damaged NAND chip is very popular for the ST1000LX015 and ST2000LX001 models. At the ACE Lab Online Technical Conference 2021 we showed a case on this topic. Following up, this blog article with step-by-step instructions explains the provided solution.

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PC-3000 Flash. The Tesla Car Case

Hello everybody!

Worn-out NAND Flash chips are a common issue when we are speaking about data recovery from USB Flash devices. Nowadays chips may have low quality even from the factory. Your pendrive may die less than in a month because of that. Unfortunately, such a tendency can also be seen when we are talking about other devices in which NAND chips can be used, for example, SSDs, mobile phones, and even modern cars!

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PC-3000 Flash Spider Board Adapter. Automatic Pin Sequence Detection for the Monolith Bus Line

Dear friends,

If you have ever dealt with monolithic data recovery, you have definitely faced the necessity to find out the order of the bus line pins. Previously, if you had not known the order of the bus line pins and if you had no pinout map with all the information – such a case could not have been solved. But now things are easier with the new feature we showed at the ACE Lab Online Technology Conference 2021. From here on, with the Spider Board adapter and the latest PC-3000 Flash software update 7.5.11 you will be able to find out the order of the bus line pins!

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PC-3000 Flash. The Alternative Way of Image Assembling for FAT32-based cases

Hello friends,

Have you ever been in a situation when you were unable to finish the case with a complete file structure just because there was no Translator or Block number option for your particular case? It was a common issue for cases with such controllers as AU, SSS, FC (and some other ones, not that popular). But not anymore! With the latest PC-3000 Flash update Ver. 7.5.14, you can use a new assembling method for such cases, which carries out all the boring manual tasks automatically.

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PC-3000 Flash. The Main Data Correction Methods to Recover Data from NAND Flash Devices with the Maximum Success Rate

Hello everybody!

Last week we have discussed how to make the first steps in NAND Flash data recovery with the PC-3000 Flash during the ACE Lab Free Webinar. Following up, we have prepared for you this article about the vital procedures for recovering Flash cases. This topic will be especially interesting for beginners in NAND Flash data recovery who want to learn how to deal with NAND Flash in the most efficient and the smartest way. For already experienced data recovery specialists, this article can serve as a handy checklist on the main data correction methods while dealing with Flash cases.

Firstly, we are going to discuss ECC Correction and Rereading of invalid sectors.

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PC-3000 Flash. 6 Steps to Recover Data from Devices Based on the FC1178/FC1179 Controllers

Hello friends!

FirstChip Technology started its expansion on the Flash market a few years ago. Today, some of the modern USB Flash drives are based on the FC1178/FC1179 controllers. Data recovery from most of these devices can be intricate because you may face 1-bit size bad columns, adaptive XORs, and very complex internal translations while working with them.

The good news is our developers have done a tremendous job in extracting XOR to add some of the FC1178/FC1179 controllers to the Support List. Now, you can recover data from even more NAND Flash devices! And, in this article, you will find the steps on how to do it.

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