First Steps in Data Recovery

This section of the blog is open to everyone. Its purpose is to provide insight into data recovery techniques for those who have just started their practice, and familiarize DR engineers with PC-3000 tools. Other open articles of interest will be added here as well.

Starting Data Recovery Business

PC-3000. Best PC configuration for ACE Lab products (article will be regular update in future)
Step-by-step guide how to unlock a password on the HDD via simplified interface of PC-3000
Recovering data in three clicks with the new PC-3000 Easy Mode
PC-3000 on Macbook. A “small” guide how to make your own Apple-based portable workstation
Essential tools for your data recovery lab
Consumables for your data recovery lab 
Specific tools for HDD data recovery
Specific tools for Flash Data Recovery

PC-3000 for HDD (UDMA-E, Portable, Express)

Easy Way to Find Donor Parts for Your Patient Drives
PC-3000 for HDD. List of supported hard drives.
PC-3000 for HDD. Basic HDD diagnostics procedure
PC-3000 for HDD. Non-typical drive recovery
PC-3000 for HDD. Non-typical drive recovery. PlayStation 3

Seagate F3

PC-3000 for HDD. Seagate F3. Step-by-step examination checklist
PC-3000 for HDD. How to solve “No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags” error   Video!

Western Digital

PC-3000 for HDD. How to solder a SATA-adapter to the USB Western Digital drive
PC-3000 for HDD. How to solve Slow responding problem

PC-3000 Data Extractor

3 Ways to Find the Lost Partitions
What is the difference between physical and logical sectors

PC-3000 Data Extractor RAID Edition

PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID Edition. First steps. (Part 1)      Video!
PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID Edition. First steps. (Part 2)      Video!
PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID Edition. First steps. (Part 3)      Video!
PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID edition. How to recover data from RAID-5 on three drives, when one drive has outdated data

PC-3000 SSD

PC-3000. SSD manufacturers, SSD controllers, and a couple of words about the future trends
PC-3000 SSD. Active Utilities (Main concept description)
PC-3000 SSD. List of supported SSD drives (regularly updated)
PC-3000 SSD. Silicon Motion (SM) family     Video!
PC-3000 SSD. Indilinx Barefoot family     Video!
PC-3000 SSD. JMicron\Toshiba family     Video!
PC-3000 SSD. Intel Postville family     Video!
PC-3000 SSD. Marwell VanGogh \ VanGogh 2 family     Video!
PC-3000 SSD. LAMD family     Video!
PC-3000 SSD. Samsung family     Video!
PC-3000 SSD. OCZ family (Barefoot 3)      Video!

PC-3000 SAS

PC-3000 SAS. List of supported SCSI/SAS drives

PC-3000 Flash

PC-3000 Flash. Compact Flash recovery. SM2234H     Video!
PC-3000 Flash. How to recover data from a monolith (microSD card)     Video!
PC-3000 Flash. Card Adapter and How to Work with It
PC-3000 Flash. How to spot a fake monolith and memory chips
PC-3000 Flash. How to unsolder BGA/LGA-52 memory chips     Video!
PC-3000 Flash. How to unsolder TSOP-48 \ TSOP-56 memory chips     Video!


A look back on RAID data recovery training sessions in the new ACE Lab data recovery training class 


How to read ROM via programmer device 

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