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PC-3000 for HDD. Seagate F3. How to fix SIM Error 1009 RW Error 00000080 on Sentosa family

Hello Friends, Some family of Seagate F3 drives has specific issue which you wil not see on other families. One of these issues we would like to show today.

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PC-3000 Flash. How to improve quality of dumps using Readout and ReadRetry feature

Starting from PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition ver. 6.2.1 new function of readout has been added. This feature allows to apply auto verification + ECC and reread bad pages from memory chips with better quality result. Modern memory chips contain a … Continue reading

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PC-3000 Flash. Hight temperature and problem chips – how to improve reading

As we all know, most of modern TLC chips, produced by such companies as Toshiba, have problems with it’s reading. Sometimes, after dump reading is finished, we can see that data is seriously corrupted with bit errors, and unfortunately for … Continue reading

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