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PC-3000 Flash. How to determine a controller chip

There are Flash cases with a controller chip hidden by compound or erased text on it or the case is based on internal controller chip. Such cases with Noname or hidden controller might be: USB Flash drives, SD and microSD … Continue reading

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PC-3000 for HDD. How to convert USB drive to IDE interface

In this article we would like to talk about old 1.8″ Samsung drive HS25YJZ model name. This is real case of old Samsung drive which was solved by presented method. Probably you say: “Why I need convert it to IDE if … Continue reading

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PC-3000 for HDD. Soldering of SATA connector to SAMSUNG SPINPOINT USB PCB

We get many questions from our customers about how to determine the points where to solder SATA connector on SAMSUNG Spinpoint USB drive. Here is the easiest method. There are two types of USB PCBs: 1. With separate SATA-USB bridge;

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PC-3000 HDD. How to solder a SATA-adapter to the USB Western Digital drive

As you know Western Digital drives have a SATA or an USB interface (2.0 or 3.0). For work with the USB drives better to connect them to PC-3000 via SATA, ’cause USB connection have a restrictions and a lot of … Continue reading

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