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How to use PC-3000 Portable III incorrectly and lose your warranty

The ports of PC-3000 Portable III (Port 0, 1, 2) function using high-speed PCIe-1, 2 and SATA-1, 2, 3 protocols thus providing for the data transfer rates up to 5 and 6 Gbit/s respectively, i.e. effectively the data transfer rate … Continue reading

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PC-3000 Portable III. The Standalone Mode to Diagnose Drives, Create Sector-by-sector copies, and Erase Data Without a Host Computer

Hello, guys! As you well know, our new PC-3000 Portable III tool has a built-in screen and it’s own Operating System, which allows communicating with connected drives without a host PC! In this article, we are going to find out … Continue reading

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