PC-3000 SSD. Marwell VanGogh \ VanGogh 2 family

In this video you will find detail description how to recover data from Crusial and Micron SSD drives based on Marwell VanGogh \ VanGogh 2  controllers (88SS9174, 88SS9187). Also, this video contain information about functionality, options and different features whuich are presented in this Active Utility.

Supported drives:

  • Cruscal M4;
  • Cruscal C300;
  • Cruscal C400
  • Cruccal M500
  • Micron C400;
  • Micron C300;
  • Intel 510;
  • Plextor M3;
  • Plextor M3 Pro;
  • Plextor M5S;
  • Plextor M5 Pro
  • Plextor M5 Pro Extreme;

+ some other drives based on VanGogh controllers (including mSATA models).

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