PC-3000 SSD. Intel Postville family

In this video you will find detail description how to recover data from Intel SSD drives based on Intel Postville controller (PC29AS21AA0). Also, this video contain information about functionality, options and different features whuich are presented in this Active Utility.



Supported drives:

  • Intel X18;
  • Intel X25;
  • Intel 320;
  • Intel 710;

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4 Responses to PC-3000 SSD. Intel Postville family

  1. bazdarevic says:

    Very clear the video! could you please explain about the translator buiding.


  2. Smithd183 says:

    I truly appreciate this article.Really thank you! Fantastic. ddkkbdgedbadacck

  3. Excellent video! The video covered all of the points very well and I now have access to the data!

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