PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID Edition. First steps. (Part 1)

Data Extractor RAID Edition and RAID data recovery. It’s time to start!

The goal of this guide is to give you enough technical knoledge to learn how to work in Data Extractor RAID Edition.
This is not intended to be a tutorial or manual. The detailed manual can be found in your personal update box

Let’s start with an example.


This is the first part of the guide.
Throughout this guide we will show how to create a task, to build RAID arrays and to open a virtual machine.

This guide consists of three parts:
– creation of a Data Extractor RAID Edition task.
– auto-detection of RAID array parameters.
– manual building a RAID array.

Before you can recover data from a RAID array, you need to create task.
Here is demonstrated a simple instruction that will work for you if you follow it.

Steps of part 1:
Select folder for task data.


Choose the image files.


Add the RAID members.


Specify a RAID array parameters.


Save the RAID configuration.


Extract files and folders.

Pic1_6Please see the video for more details.

That is it, you can proceed with the part 2.

Learn more about Data Extractor RAID edition in our catalog.

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