TS service feedback

Dear ACELab customers!

In case of any inconvenience please contact Head of ACELab Technical Support Department using the following email address:


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5 Responses to TS service feedback

  1. Bruno Kuster says:

    Thanks Dmitriy, for your very competent and effective help, even under difficult circumstances. Thank you also to the whole ACE-Lab team for the readiness to make extraordinary efforts again and again with personal dedication.

  2. Payam Toloo says:

    Very happy with the speed of support via Teamviewer/support tickets and the results provided. 95% Cases are solved when we ask for your help. Keep up the good work! – Payam Toloo from Payam Data Recovery (Australia).

  3. ali cem topcu says:

    Got several help from TS. Thank you very much.

  4. Меирсон Евгений says:

    Great job .thanks

  5. Tom says:

    Acelab Team is fantastic to resolution complex cases !

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