Specific tools for Flash Data Recovery

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Today we publish the final article on the most cost-effective way to equip your lab for recovering data from USB Flash drives, SD, microSD, Memory Sticks (MS), xD, MMC, CF, Voice Reсorders, etc.
Here you will find the recommendations on the optimal solutions that can be useful for data recovery beginners. The final choice depends on your budget – there are a lot of cheap and expensive alternatives to the equipment listed below.

Anti-static mat

Anti-static mats can be useful for protecting any electrical circuits on the boards of hard drives, SSD or flash drives, as well as other devices sensitive to static.

Preheater station

Preheater station is used for BGA chips unsoldering. It helps to avoid overheating of NAND chip during unsoldering with a hot air gun from upside. Double heating from upside and bottom side of BGA NAND chip can help to reduce the time of unsoldering and prevent chip overheating.

Soldering table

The soldering table is used to secure the PCB which has the chips one would like to remove. This is highly recommended if you work with monoliths.

Here you can check the video on how to unsolder a BGA-52 chip using soldering table and preheater station. You can purchase such soldering table from Aliexpress, search by “BGA bracket PCB Holder”.

USB soldering iron

For precise micro-soldering of small things, say, when you need to solder power and GND wires to microSD card. You can purchase a similar device at Aliexpress/eBay/Amazon.

Double sided sticky tape

Used for fixing monoliths to Circuit board and Spider adapter.

Fiberglass pen

Fiberglass pen is used for compound erasing from the bottom side of a monolith device. This process is called “grinding”. During this process, one has to be very careful: the upper layer can be easily damaged, and that makes further monolith recovery absolutely impossible.

How to choose and Special requirements

The most important consideration is the tip material. It has to be able to erase the compound layer of monolithic chips without damaging the copper traces.

Known brands

Use “scratch brush” word combination for search in popular marketplaces (Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon etc).

Logic analyzer

If you plan on conducting monolith pinout research – logic analyzer is a must have!

How to choose and Special requirements

Analyzer should have at least 32 channels and has to be able to support 200MHz frequency on all channels.

Known brands

When using all of these tools one decreases the chance of damaging the monolith. This, in turn, increases the success rate of your data recovery.

Always remember that if the monolith is damaged either by the customer or improper handling of it, the recovery could become impossible.

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