PC-3000 for HDD. Western Digital. The decryption of encrypted image.

Hello Friends! All of us can face the situation when we forgot to select the “Decrypt” checkbox in Data Extractor settings:
and read the part of data or the whole image encripted via the SATA interface.
How to decrypt the image and read the data? We discuss it in this article.
For example, we have read 1Gb of data from MyBook or MyPassport drive and then suddenly remember that we didn’t enable the decryption checkbox:
If we go to Map tab, we will see that all sectors look standart and not decrypted:
The feature we need to use is situating in Service menu: Create submap using the legend
If this menu is not available and coloured as grey, we need to re-open the same task:
We do Create submap using a legend:
Select the range, it depends on how much we have already read:
Select the sectors we have read:
and wait for submap creating.
Next we press to Execute button and see that Decryption menu is grey and not available for using:
Next we press to Task params button:
Select the Decryption in Command to read tab:
Choose the right key and apply it:
Now press to Execute button again and see that Decryption menu is available now:
Press Decryption and see how the data is decrypting in map:
If we want to decrypt the rest of data which is still encrypted and not read before, we just run the reading process, and the rest of data will read already decrypted.
That’s all, feel free to contact ACE Technical Support  at http://ts.acelaboratory.com/ if you have any questions.
P.S. Thanks to DataMedics and Jackie Chan for help in this article creation.
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7 Responses to PC-3000 for HDD. Western Digital. The decryption of encrypted image.

  1. Pumpa69 says:

    Great! thank you!

  2. bahrtzs2 says:

    🙂 this really good !

  3. Pumpa69 says:

    i applied this method today, because i forgot to tick the box decryption and realized it after 30000000 sectors imaged :(.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  4. itpsac says:

    Thank you ACELAB Team! Great tool 🙂

  5. fastec says:

    Special thanks to Jackie Chan 😉

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