PC-3000 Flash. Grinding MicroSD with the help of Fibreglass Pen Brush

When we are speaking about monolith drive preparing for soldering, we should remember about one of the most important steps – grinding.


Grinding – is a special process of compound erasing from the bottom side of monolith device. During this process, engineer have to be very careful, because he can damage the cupper layer and make further monolith recovery absolutely impossible.


We always recommend our customers to use cheap jeweller sandpaper with the smallest size. Unfortunately, sandpaper can erase the cupper contacts because it’s surface  can easily erase all parts of our monolith device – plastic and metal. So, what we can use instead of this “barbarian way”? The answer is very simply – we can use special Fibreglass Pen Brush! It allow to erase the compound layer of monolith very careful without making injures to cupper scheme. We are using the most common fibreglass pen by “STAEDTLER Mars technico” brand. Usually this fibreglass brushes are using in PCB grinding, when enginner need to erase a layer of compaund from board PCB and get access to internal roads. We can also use it for monolith grinding 🙂


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6 Responses to PC-3000 Flash. Grinding MicroSD with the help of Fibreglass Pen Brush

  1. guwei says:

    Where to buy this Fibreglass Pen Brush?

    What model of pen is this pen?

    • admin says:

      You can buy it in computer shops or in ebay or in aliexpress. Model of this pen you can find in article.

  2. Hi ,
    I Also Have A Made In Germany One but That Has a wider Diameter ,This Model/Brand Looks More Promising With Smaller diameter And That Crucial For Better Work IMHO .

  3. Chuck says:

    Searching online, I find a lot of “lead holders” for Staedtler. But no fiberglass brushes. Where to find this??

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