PC-3000 Mobile. The List of Supported Mobile Devices (regularly updated, ver. 1.5.5)

The PC-3000 Mobile is a new ACE Lab product that provides a versatile approach to data recovery from mobile devices. It gives you several ways of accessing data:

High-level access to connect the mobile devices by conventional means with a cable. There are 2 options: access via the ADB protocol (the device rooting is required) and access via the technological script (for MediaTek and Qualcomm-based devices)
► In-depth research to get access to data with a Chip-off method (for eMMC/eMCP chips and mSD/SD cards)
► Imaged files upload to continue working with previously created images.

Besides, you can decrypt mobile phones’ mSD cards or file dumps of the mSD cards encrypted by the user. To do this, you need the original phone or eMMC memory for keys extraction. The full list of support Mobile devices is HERE.

The current release version of the PC-3000 Mobile software is 1.5.5

ACE Lab developers are working hard right now to enhance it even further with the new features and functions. At the moment, the majority of Android-based smartphones started from ver.7.0. have encryption by default. In such a case, the reading of the eMMC chip is useless because the whole content area is encrypted. ACE Lab has a huge experience in data decryption, so starting from PC-3000 Mobile 1.3x we’re already can use the HARD-KEY method for data decryption from supported mobile phones! Android version, password, pin-code – does not matter, it’s possible to bypass them all and get access to decrypted User_data partition!


The ADB protocol allows you to reach data by connecting a mobile phone with a cable. To deal with data in this mode, a smartphone should be rooted. Sometimes the users root their devices themselves to use free or cracked apps, install a custom-build Operating System, etc.

Besides, there are a lot of instructions about the rooting procedure on the Internet. Please note, that the algorithm and steps differ depending on the model name, the OS version, and the hardware platform.

Here you can see the video guide on how to recover data from the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone via the ADB protocol:

The technological script is a method that doesn’t require rooting to access data on healthy and damaged smartphones based on Mediatek, Spreadtrum and Qualcomm CPU platforms. It helps to reach the data via a special script that is uploaded to the RAM area of the CPU.

The Hard Key method allows us to get full access to internal phone memory and decrypt the User_data partition even if we don’t have a screen password, Android password, and etc. A version of Android doesn’t matter – if the phone is supported, we can easily recover it.

The list of supported mobile phones


Data reading from eMMC/eMCP chips and mSD/SD cards is available thanks to the universal SD/MMC adapter included in the PC-3000 Mobile delivery kit. This adapter allows you to read various types of smartphone internal memory chips:

The SD/MMC adapter is very fast and allows reading the eMMC chips with up to 90 MB/s speed. Thanks to the wide reading settings of this adapter, you are able to deal with even partially damaged or not fully working eMMC memory devices and mSD/SD cards.


Content parser and report generator modules help to analyze the content of read memory and extract information from the read dump or eMMC/mSD/SD card.

The Content parser module allows to work with the following type of content:

 General device information

You can also generate a report about:

 SMS and WhatsApp messages/dialogs

If you have any questions regarding your data recovery cases, you’re welcome to address them with the Technical Support department.

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6 Responses to PC-3000 Mobile. The List of Supported Mobile Devices (regularly updated, ver. 1.5.5)

  1. I so wish this tool could recover data from iPhones. For those of us that work in data recovery there are simply no decent tools to work with phones.

    Maybe someday?

    • ACELab team says:

      We are working on iOS devices too. In future we are planning to release solution 🙂

  2. James Pennington says:

    What about modern phones which are all encrypted? I am guessing there is no chip off solution for those?

    • ACELab team says:

      Hello James. Qualcomm-based devices might be decrypted on the fly. List of supported Qualcomm-based phones is not complete yet, but we can get full access to the internal memory with decryption, even if we don’t know the password. List of supported drives is grown up every update!

      There is an option to decrypt the eMMC, but working CPU and PCB from original phone would be still required.

      For example, the recent model that will appear in support list would be a Xiaomi Mi A2 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 660) with Android 10 OS installed.

      Example of such recovery you can watch here.

  3. Lukas says:

    Is it possible to connect an unsupported phone (for example samsung s7 edge) and old models with basic functions?

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