PC-3000 HDD. List of supported HDD families (regularly updated)

Below is the fresh list of supported hard drives:

How do we get family name like ‘FBLite’ on WD drives and ‘Grenada’ on Seagate drives?

WD drives

Family = techno code from CP01 RAM module. You find it via HEX editor plugin

 2016-03-23 14-41-30 Select HDD resource (2)          2016-03-23 14-45-03 PC-3000 EXPRESS - NORTH AMERICA - [WDC Marvell family utility(ATA-1)]

Drive Build Information
Product ID (Ext)…………………… : 0x1695 (0x0000)

Family can be readed automatically in any case except locked techno mode (SED HDD). Family name is not stored at CP01 in clear, to parse it you need to unpack RAM sections. PC-3000 do it automatically. Also you can put the drive in XYZ state and you will see family name at model field in passport:

2016-03-23 14-54-29 PC-3000 EXPRESS - NORTH AMERICA - [WDC Marvell family utility(ATA-1)]


On Seagate F3 detecting of family name is simple – just need to send Ctrl+L command in terminal:

Ctrl+L Pharaoh (3)

PC-3000 for HDD product line 

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